In between the tick and tock...


I have often said that morning coffee has a way of tricking us into believing we are going to have a really, REALLY productive day.  Many of our to do lists are fueled by the morning cup.  By contrast, our afternoon coffee is not only our reality check but it is also our repose.  It reflects a time go inward, to capture the flight of whimsy and imagination.  It slows us down to say there is more to the day than rushed time, it gives us pause to take a break and exist in between that tick and tock of time.

Our slow bar for our Dover cafe is in its design stage.  In addition to it existing to perform like the Apple Genius Bar for coffee, it is a way to watch just how sensual a brewed cup of coffee can be.  Have you ever watched a coffee bloom?  It is such a beautiful thing to behold.  The bloom really prepares the coffee for the extraction.  The bloom creates the chemical reaction for coaxing all those core aromatics out of the fiber of the coffee.

We here at Flight Coffee Co are drawn to beautiful coffee things.  On any given day, our slow bar could feature the barista's steady choreographed hand pouring water in a circular spiral pattern over a bed of grounds or maybe you will get to see a Vacuum Pot's unique orange orb giving birth to mahogany bubbling coffee glowing in a neon light.  Smells, sounds, touch and taste are all mastered in the slow bar.  

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