A beautiful coffee and how elevation sweetens the cup...

Coffee excites me. Coffees from Kenya exhilarate me. You will often hear me describe coffees from Kenya as "drama queens". They pop like technicolor on the cupping table and just when you have dialed in on a flavor, the cup will slightly cool and down the rabbit hole you will go chasing the twisting complexity of flavors.

Our latest Kenya offering is grown at a sky high level of 1950 msl. For every 30 meter increase in elevation, there tends to be a 10% increase in sweetness and acidity. Let's look to plant biology. The cooler temps slow down the coffee cherry's maturation and ripening. The plant uses this extra time to develop more complex sugars. Sometimes this can mean more select handpicking of ripe cherries.

So here it is- my personal favorite coffee of the year. We were limited to 150 pounds. Amazing canned peach and sweet, ripe nectarine notes are in the fragrance (dry grounded coffee) aroma (after you add water to the coffee) and throughout the brewed cup.

Enjoy! Peace and cheers,


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