Oh, the terroir!

Hello Flight Fam,

New coffees are always exciting and I have decided to go back to buying in smaller lots so we can have more fun with new and flavorful coffees at more regular intervals.  We have three new coffees in house right now and two of them have become my coffee darlings because of their complexity and absolute taste of place!

First is an offering from Tanzania.  Most coffees from Tanzania are grown along the Kenya border on the slopes of Mt Kilimanjaro.  They often show many of the same prized characteristics of prized Kenyan coffees.  Our Tanzania Mara AB is a powerhouse of key lime flavors.  It is a very revealing cup as it begins to cool.

Next we have a new offering from Sulawesi. I secretly believe washed coffees from Sulawesi are the jewels of Indonesia.  We have had past offerings from Tana Toroja and the new offering is similar to those.  There is a real prominent cranberry note in this coffee and it sits more tart than sweet but for me that is what gives this coffee its intrigue.  

Come by this Saturday for a free tasting on all of our coffees.  





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