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Californication and Prop 65

I have been getting some questions via message about California's inane new law about cancer warnings labels on coffee. I am not a chemist (at all, in fact I work hard to keep up with coffee chemistry) but I can say this with confidence: brew your coffee if you want to consume it, do not eat it whole bean or even ground. Think I am being funny? Check out the FDA link below.   The main chemical that is calling all the clamor is acrylamide. Acrylamide presents in any food cooked at temperature above 240 degrees F, so essentially any food fried, stir-fried, deep-fried, baked, BBQ, and so on.   The only way to avoid acrylamide in food is to...

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Oh, the terroir!

Hello Flight Fam, New coffees are always exciting and I have decided to go back to buying in smaller lots so we can have more fun with new and flavorful coffees at more regular intervals.  We have three new coffees in house right now and two of them have become my coffee darlings because of their complexity and absolute taste of place! First is an offering from Tanzania.  Most coffees from Tanzania are grown along the Kenya border on the slopes of Mt Kilimanjaro.  They often show many of the same prized characteristics of prized Kenyan coffees.  Our Tanzania Mara AB is a powerhouse of key lime flavors.  It is a very revealing cup as it begins to cool. Next...

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Our Wholesale Mission Statement

  Our Wholesale Mission We work hard to pursue and provide the very best specialty coffee available and we strive to achieve sustainability and transparency in all of our relationships.  The promise of transparency and education is the foundation of all our wholesale partners.  Specialty coffee can be complicated but we promise to make it easy for you!  All of our wholesale partners – from specialty coffee cafes to small bakeries-  receive the same free training and ongoing support.  All we ask is that our customers pledge to brew and prepare their coffee according to the guidelines of the Specialty Coffee Association.  Don’t worry!  We promise to get you there and keep you there!   Our wholesale partners pledge to...

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