Specialty Coffee Fundraising Program

Flight Coffee Co.'s Specialty Coffee Fundraising program offers organizations of all sizes and exciting way to raise money by selling specialty grade coffee.  The program is very flexible with no minimum or maximum order quantities, a simple ordering process and a profit of 40% on sales.

How It Works

You contact us via email ( or phone (603) 836-6228.  One of our associates will get in touch with you to discuss your proposed project.

We currently offer two avenues for fundraising; in person pre-orders and show and sells.  For the in-person pre-orders, we provide pre-printed forms that you can hand out to members of your organization.  As they take orders, they add them to the form.  At a pre-determined date, your fundraising coordinator collects the order forms and payment, then places the group order.  Within about a week your freshly roasted custom bagged coffee is ready to be picked up at our roasting facility.  For orders over 200 lbs. we offer free delivery to a single location of your choice within a 50-mile radius of our roasting facility in Bedford, NH.

Show and Sells are a great way to generate quick income.  You have the coffee on hand and ready to sell.  Many fundraising groups set up tables outside of grocery stores and other locations where there is a lot of foot traffic.  Those bags that you don’t sell can be used to fulfill some of your pre-orders.  For show and sells, we  do require a minimum order quantity of 30 bags (you can mix the three varieties any way you like).  For more information on this option, please talk to one of our fundraising specialists. 

Flight Coffee Co. will promote your fundraiser through our social media channels and if you wish, will list your coffee in the fundraising section of our online store during the fundraising period (up to 60 days).  Sales made through the online store can be shipped to your customers (using Flight Coffee Co.'s standard shipping charges) or can be picked up during business hours at Flight Coffee Co.'s retail location in Bedford, NH. 

Custom Labels

One of the great things about the copilot fundraising program is that your name is on the label.  Copilot provides custom labels that have the name and logo of your organization on the bag.

No Hidden, Up-Front Costs, or Out of Pocket

You take orders from your supporters first, collect the money, then place the group order.  You pay for the order using the funds already collected from your supporters and keep the profits.

Fair for Your Supporters

Increasing prices and shrinking packages seem to be the hallmark of many of the fundraising programs available today.  We believe that it is possible for everyone to be a winner – the company that produces the product, the fundraising organization that distributes it, and the consumer who ultimately pays for it.  With the copilot program, you get to offer your supporters specialty grade coffee at prices competitive with similar offerings from commercial retailers.  Supporters get to feel good about supporting your organization without feeling like they got the short end of the deal.  This creates tremendous value and goodwill towards your organization.

Great Revenue for Your Group

Your organization makes a 40% profit on every in person or show and sell sale ($5 per bag that sells for $12.50).  Sales made through the website net your organization $4 per bag that sells for $12.50.  Since you are selling a product that almost everyone wants at a price that is competitive with commercial offerings, the sky really is the limit.    

Our Coffee

All the coffee we offer meets the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) criteria for specialty grade coffee.  Specialty coffees are grown in special and ideal climates. The unique flavors and tastes are a result of the special characteristics of the environment and composition of the soils in which they are produced.  If you are already a specialty coffee drinker, you’ll love our coffee.  If you’ve never tried true specialty coffee, prepare to be blown away. 

To keep things as simple as possible, three coffee selections are available year-round as part of the fundraising program:

Medium - This is medium roast coffee that hails from the Americas.  The medium roast brings out the optimal flavors unique to that crop of coffee and produces a cup that is well balanced flavor and aroma wise.

Dark – This is a medium-dark roast coffee that also generally hails from the Americas.  The darker roast creates more of a roast flavor in the coffee, but it is not so dark as to completely mask the underlying coffee flavors. 

Decaf - For those who like the flavor, but not the caffeine, your fundraising package includes specialty grade decaffeinated coffee as an option.

The Process

If you are ready to get started, we can make it happen quickly.  All you need to do is to tell us how many fundraising forms you need, and we’ll get those into your hands.  If you really need to get rolling fast, we can send you a PDF of the fundraising form which you can print out.  The only other thing we need to do is design your custom label and send you some samples for your approval.      

We look forward to working with your organization on your next fundraiser!


Frequently Asked Questions

 How Good is Your Coffee?

Flight Coffee Co. is the most innovative third wave specialty coffee roaster in New Hampshire.  Our Fundraising Program  offerings are selected for their accessibility and appeal to a wide variety of palates.  Our master roasters take the time to develop the optimal roast profile for each coffee offered so that you and your supporters are ensured a cup of some of the best coffee they ever tasted.

How Much Can I Make?

Our goal is to be as transparent as possible.  All three coffee selections are priced at $7.50 per 12-ounce bag.  If you sell them for the suggested retail price of $12.50 per bag, you make $5 per bag (40% profit).  If you choose to offer your coffee through Flight's online store, Flight will pay you $4.00 per bag sold at the end of the fundraising period. 

How Quickly Can I Get Started?

We can have order forms in your hand within one business day.  We also offer PDF downloads of our order form if you want to move more quickly.

When Do I Collect the Money?

We recommend that you collect the money at the time of the sale.  This eliminates the payment risk for your organization and gives you the money necessary to place the coffee order.

When Do I Pay for the Coffee?

Payment is made at the time the order forms are submitted to Copilot Coop.

How Long Does It Take to Receive the Coffee?

We are a roast to order facility which means that we don’t start roasting your coffee until we receive your order.  That said, we are generally able to produce your coffee within one week of receipt of the order (might be slightly longer if your order includes a lot of ground coffee). 

Do you offer both whole bean and ground?

In a word, yes.  However, we do suggest that you encourage your supporters to purchase whole bean coffee.  Coffee is a complex substance full of volatile flavors and aromas.  Once coffee is ground, those flavors and aromas rapidly dissipate.  This is not a problem if you are brewing the coffee immediately – you want those flavors and aromas to migrate into the water as the coffee brews, but it’s a big problem if those flavors and aromas are simply evaporating into thin air.

Think of it this way – if you open a can of soda and leave it on the counter overnight, what’s it going to taste like in the morning?  Will be it full of bubbles or flat?  Coffee is very similar.  Once ground, coffee begins to shed its flavorful and aromatic components and if you wait too long between grinding and brewing, you’ll be left with a flat cup of coffee.  And no one wants that.

What level of grind do you offer?

To accommodate the largest number of options, we offer three grind levels; drip, espresso, and French Press.


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