Blend - Peaberry Expo

Blend - Peaberry Expo

Blend - Peaberry Expo


Flavor Notes

tropical fruits, forest floor, coriander


From Our Cupping Lab

Peaberries! These round coffees are the product of a natural mutation in which, in place of two seeds growing flat against each other, only one seed, round on all sides, develops. Approximately 5% of coffee cherries develop peaberries, meaning you'll find them in "regular" bags of green coffee. Sometimes, however, producers separate these cute seeds from the rest of the crop and sell them together strictly as peaberry coffee. Why? Well, some claim they taste noticeably better -- sweeter and brighter -- but that's up for debate. They do roast nicely (read: evenly), but so do plenty of the regular coffees we get.

So, uh, what's the point? When we purchase peaberry coffee, it's classification as such is ancillary. That is to say, we buy high quality, great tasting green coffee, and some of that happens to be peaberry.

Oh, and it looks super cool...

The Peaberry! Expo is a fun dive into the crazy world of green coffee. Absurdly complex, savory spices dominate fragrance and aroma. In the cup, a general savory-ness balances beautifully with notes of coriander and tropical fruit, the former of which lingers on the tongue in a smooth, medium finish. And yes, it looks super cool.

Regions: Tanzania, Sumatra

Processes: Washed, Wet-Hulled

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