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Coffee Sampler Boxes



We are offering 4 different coffee sampler boxes this year. Each box contains three 8-ounce bags of whole bean coffee.

Our Blend Sampler will be comprised of a bag of each Area 603 light roast, Space Dog medium roast, and Smitten Kitten dark roast.

Next, our Espresso Sampler will have our Liftoff light roast espresso, our medium roasted Moonshot, and Roger That light roast blend.

The Single Origin and Processing Sampler will showcase our most popular coffees. This box well highlights the flavor differences brought on by different processing methods and regions. We are currently featuring a washed Peaberry from Brazil, a natural processed coffee from Kayon Mountain in Ethiopia, and a washed Ethiopian from the Yirgacheffe region.

Lastly, our Decaf Sampler box will contain our Ground Control decaf, Sub-Orbital half-caffeinated blend and our house blend medium roast, Space Dog.

Blend Sampler $38

Area 603

Space Dog 

Smitten Kitten

Espresso Sampler $39



Roger That

Single Origin and Processing Sampler $44

Daterra Farms Brazil Peaberry(washed)

Ethiopia Kayon Mountain(natural)

Ethiopia Grade 1- Chelchele(washed)

Decaf Sampler $38

Ground Control


Space Dog

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