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Sulawesi Tana Toraja is back in the house!

So!  Great news!  The Sulawesi Tana Toraja is back in stock.  This wonderful coffee has been one of our "darlings" from 2015.  A washed coffee, it presents clean with an almost buttermilk biscuit aroma and has an outstanding (quite noticeable) cranberry note in the middle.   http://flightcoffeeco.com/collections/single-origin-coffees/products/sulawesi-tana-toraja Watch for all new coffees rolling in for December.

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The Top Crops

So what exactly makes our coffees hit 90 plus and win awards?  Many things, of course.  The first on the list is continuing education through the Specialty Coffee Association.  Coffee is a science and new elements are constantly being discovered about the drupe.  What is a drupe? A drupe (or stone fruit) is an indehiscent fruit in which an outer fleshy part (exocarp, or skin; and mesocarp, or flesh) surrounds a shell (the pit, stone, or pyrene) of hardened endocarp with a seed (kernel) inside- like the coffee cherry.  Yes, we get excited about botany, chemistry and agriculture here at Flight Coffee Co.  Cultivars, processing, roast profiles, brew science, roasting science, water quality and so on are things we never stop...

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Meet the Flight Crew:

Claudia Barrett – Founder, Q Grader, SCAA Certified Instructor A self proclaimed coffee and baseball geek, Claudia lives in Bedford, NH with her husband Jim, and, two children. A native New Englander, Claudia rode out the coffee wave in the 1990′s in Washington DC where she managed and helped launch a national coffee chain on the East Coast, as well as, managed coffee quality and customer happiness for a local favorite coffee roastery. Her roasting apprenticeship was done at a small whole sale company called “The Daily Roast”.  In April of 2013 she became a  Licensed Q Grader.  Licensed Q Graders are professional cuppers accredited by the Coffee Quality Institute.  Q Graders must pass a rigorous three-day exam to earn their...

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Abbondanza & Community

  Abbondanza is a word which pretty much defines most meal times of my youth.  I grew up in a time when the nuclear family AND the entire freakin extended family all lived within easy proximity to one another.  I grew European Italian.  Abbondanza was often said with celebration and vigor before each meal.  Abbondanza- loosely translated- means "abundance" and in my family's case it meant an abundance of food, which of course somehow meant an abundance of love as well. So you know what I am super proud of in our cafe space in Dover?  The community room.  We are going to have huge farmer's tables that our employee Sam Delay has made out of reclaimed wood.  The room is...

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3 New Coffees to Get Excited About...

We always get very excited when green coffee shows up at our back door!  Our first job to create a few good roast profiles we think will work based on some simple facts- region, cultivar and innate aromatics we want to fine tune. Our primary job at Flight Coffee Co is to highlight and capture the character of our carefully chosen green coffee. We seek to lovingly create a consistent and gentle roast cycle, accentuating what makes a particular varietal or farm exciting. Every minute the coffee is roasting is contingent upon the minute before. It is like a great sonnet or symphony and as passionate we are about the roasting cycle’s never-ending prequel, at the end of the day, we want...

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