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Brewing and hitting the sweet spot.

If you’ve ever looked at Brewing Control Chart or had it tattooed on your body and have always been confused by it, or never bothered to look at it too closely, I am willing to try and parse it all out for you. You want to hit that sweet spot in the zone, otherwise the coffee which just successfully passed through the great chain of custody was just murdered in the brew. The vintner has complete quality control up to the time of bottling - it is pretty easy to pour wine into a cup. Coffee requires that the consumer use a bit of their own craftmaship during preparation. There are a number of variables that can ultimately ruin a...

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Taste, Flavor and Aroma

If you enjoy coffee, I highly recommend attending a cupping session to explore the various ways terroir and processing can impact the flavor profile of your cup.  We cup pretty non-stop at the roasting lab.  It is ground zero for our quality control. We hope to start regular cup pings at the Dover Cafe.  So, you might be sitting there thinking, "what the heck is a coffee cupping?" Coffee cupping has its roots in the coffee trade of the late 19th century.  Coffee traders needed a fast way to evaluate the quality of a large number of coffee lots.  Back then it was a simple matter of pass/fail. Hundreds of coffee would be lined up on a table to be...

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Brew Tips

Brewing TipsThese suggestions are meant to provide a starting place for beginners. Our recommendations are dependent on batch size, pour rate, roast level, processing method, and more, all of which vary. Experiment and adjust to taste!1. DoseBegin with 60 grams of coffee for every 1 liter of water. Adjusting this ratio will affect other factors in ways both obvious and subtle, so pay close attention. Changing any single parameter will also require change elsewhere.  As a starting point for the Hario V-60, we suggest 20 grams : 300 grams coffee.  Adjust to taste as you want to how you want to experience the brewed coffee.Most people find that when 20% of soluble solids are extracted from the coffee grounds, the...

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New Coffee Line Up for Our Dover Cafe.

So wow.  Those were great coffees we offered for our opening month in February. We are excited we got so many of you to participate in flights of coffee as well. For our batch brew we are going with a coffee from one of my favorite farms in Costa Rica in West Valley- Aguileras Brothers.  There are actually a total of 12 Aguileras both brothers and sisters and they all work at harvesting, processing and milling. The coffee is a washed coffee and rather than tumble dry it, they let the washed coffees dry right on the drying patios.  Most of their coffee is of the Villa Sarchi variety. (Bourbon mutation)  Tatsing notes : Lots of citric acid in the...

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Sulawesi Tana Toraja is back in the house!

So!  Great news!  The Sulawesi Tana Toraja is back in stock.  This wonderful coffee has been one of our "darlings" from 2015.  A washed coffee, it presents clean with an almost buttermilk biscuit aroma and has an outstanding (quite noticeable) cranberry note in the middle.   http://flightcoffeeco.com/collections/single-origin-coffees/products/sulawesi-tana-toraja Watch for all new coffees rolling in for December.

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