What we mean by varietal distinction...

 Produced in between the tropics, with varying climates, soil, and growth processes, your cup of coffee has a specific flavor profile that can be traced to it’s region and country of origin.  We call this varietal distinction.  Varietals have a big impact on the cup profile of each of our single origin coffees.  You will notice in our store, we list the varietal of each coffee. Varietal is a term used to describe a wine made from or belonging to a single specified variety of grape. The coffee industry has somewhat adopted this term, but instead of using it to describe a coffee of a specific variety or cultivar (i.e. Bourbon coffee), it is used in the place of the term variety or cultivar. Our signature roasting process fine tunes the aromatics locked within each green beans cellular structure.  Think of it like a honeycomb.  We want to gently coax out the natural flavor profiles of each unique bean. We want you to experience the origin.
There are so many natural flavors to experience when you celebrate varietal distinction! Natural subtle flavors like berry, apricot, chocolate, buttery, spicy… the list goes on and on! 

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