Storied coffees...




A really amazing cup of coffee tells a story of connection.  At CQ COFFEE, we love a good back story.  Sure brewed coffee is a sensual experience in and of itself but before it reaches the mug, that coffee traveled an intricate and exacting path.  We like to call it the great coffee chain of custody.  Every step is important, from the ripeness of coffee cherries when picked, to the way the beans are milled and dried,  to the way it is shipped to our roasting plant, to the way we lovingly roast it and yes right down to the way it is brewed by you, our knowledgable customers. Because of the delicate balance of specifics,  we must be vigilant - we must seek out direct and transparent relationships with coffee growing professionals throughout the world. Instead of simply labeling our coffee as “sustainable,” we have chosen to tell the whole story.  We love talking about  the uniqueness of each coffee. This way, we promise that each bag of CQ Coffee purchased was hand crafted with excellence at all stages, from cherry to cup. Directness and transparency are important to us. Since opening in February of 2012, we have been committed to buying coffee that is as closely aligned with our values as possible. We are pretty excited to have you, our customer, be part of our storied, celebrated coffees.  Cheers!


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