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Our Wholesale Mission Statement

  Our Wholesale Mission We work hard to pursue and provide the very best specialty coffee available and we strive to achieve sustainability and transparency in all of our relationships.  The promise of transparency and education is the foundation of all our wholesale partners.  Specialty coffee can be complicated but we promise to make it easy for you!  All of our wholesale partners – from specialty coffee cafes to small bakeries-  receive the same free training and ongoing support.  All we ask is that our customers pledge to brew and prepare their coffee according to the guidelines of the Specialty Coffee Association.  Don’t worry!  We promise to get you there and keep you there!   Our wholesale partners pledge to...

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More on roasting:

The kaleidoscopic array of flavors you find in your coffee from cup to cup is a result of both the natural chemical makeup of the green coffee and the trick we roasters have learned to unlock its potential—we roast it to secret profiles. The raw coffee bean—not actually a legume but the pit of a small, red fruit—contains roughly 300 volatile compounds, making it chemically well equipped to be turned into a very flavorful beverage. These aromatics, however, are locked away in the bean’s extremely dense cellular structure. Roasting the tiny, rock-hard pits transforms them in two major ways. The first change is to the aromatic compounds. Heating the beans to temperatures of around 400 degrees leads to an increase...

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